Training Incubator

Paradigm shifts, technology evolution, and competitive factors create the need for corporations and individuals to maintain relevance through the acquisition and build of additional capabilities, modernization of processes, constant updating of technology knowledge assets, and upgrading of skills. It is a fast-pace environment with a never-ending need for proficiency. Competence and knowledge are a must. It keeps corporations and individuals in the market place.

Updating of Technical Skills

We use an internal incubator facility to train our people on new and changing technologies. Our training program is a very customized program to help our own people update their skills and remain relevant. Our engineers love this.

We extend access to this incubator program to our top tier clients as well. It is a customized approach to cater for a specific need. It also helps the adoption process on the client side when their own employees are empowered with additional new knowledge.

Do we depend only on our incubator to get updated skills? Not at all. We recruit in a variety of countries and in North America. We have very good knowledge of where the sills are in the different areas of the world. The incubator is a very practical additional and complementary tool to upgrade skills.

It also allows to work ahead of technical paradigm shifts and have prepared resources to attend to our client’s transformative processes.

Assisting clients with tech adoption

Many good ideas are not implemented due to resistance to change. If the client is adopting a new technology or process, it is necessary to take good care of the internal staff, both at a business-user level as well as a technology and operations level. If the client’s internal people learn the new technology, the adoption process is easier and good ideas are then implemented to the benefit of staff and the corporation.

Integrating people with tech

Business users also benefit from a customized incubation program. A recent example of this is: a client decided to adopt an excellent data analytical tool to facilitate decision making for their accounting and payroll teams. The tool allows for numbers crunching from a variety of scenarios and dimensions. By training the business users to minimally understand data, data models, and write simple sql queries, it was possible for the users to adopt the tool and make better use of it. Many individual spreadsheet were eliminated by effectively utilizing the data analytical tool. The investment in the new technology started paying off, immediately. In this case, the incubator served the purpose of helping users help themselves.

Promoting self-advancement

It is all about caring – and we care! Aptonet has a very close relationship with the professionals in our ranks. They are valued as individuals, and we encourage, promote and invest in their growth.