Operations Research

We use state of the art optimization and analytics technology to find innovative solutions to very complex business problems.

Aptonet transportation logistics engineers are focused on the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. They assist all types of transportation infrastructures, including railroads, mass transit systems, airports, harbors, ports, and highways.

Economic, social, and political factors are combined with specialized technology knowledge to assess opportunities for improvement. Simulation models are developed and integrated into the optimization engines of client applications.

Operations Research Group

Our PhD’s research, plan and model traffic management, control, capacity, intelligent systems, geometric designs, etc. They have expertise in transportation processes, business attributes and drivers, transformation, geography, innovation, costing and improvements, competitive advantages, implementation, not only for the present needs but also for the future.

These operations specialists research, develop and implement advanced quantitative models and provide management with recommendations to improve business processes, increase revenues, and reduce costs for the transportation industry. Deliver operations research models and decision support systems. Identify opportunities for process improvement.

Our experts make use of a variety of technologies to create domain-specific intelligent systems: