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Aptonet Talent Services

  1. Consistent delivery of quality services
  2. Tech savvy
  3. Caring
  4. Near the client to understand what the client needs
  5. Communicates effectively to candidate
  6. Technical backbone
  7. Well-vetted candidates
  8. Screening and selection is a technology function
  9. Assuring a true fit for the client and the candidate
  10. It’s about you the client and you the candidate
  11. We offer contract, contract to perm and perm

It's about you the client

  1. The right people
  2. The right price
  3. The way you want it
  4. Top notch professionals
  5. Well-vetted small assortment of candidates
  6. No resume spraying
  7. Cost-effective
  8. Readily available
  9. Trust and integrity
  10. Delivers what is needed
  11. Fast and knowledgeable
  12. Adaptable to client processes
  13. Consistently good service

It's about you the candidate

  1. The right opportunity
  2. The right company
  3. Self fullfillment
  4. Meaningful work
  5. Valued as a person, not a commodity
  6. Self-advancement
  7. Remuneration and benefits
  8. Work/Life balance
  9. Socially responsible
  10. Transparency
  11. Collaborative work environment
  12. Right project
  13. Accomplishment
  14. Training and mentoring
  15. I did good!

Why Aptonet?

Our Clients

• Need the right resources, at the right cost and available when required. You can count on us to consistently go the extra mile and deliver a job well done.

• We provide the candidates with as much detailed information about your company, the environment, the technology, the project, the purpose, and the exciting possibilities for a career and growth.

Our Candidates

• We take into consideration your desire for accomplishment and self-fulfillment. We provide you with the right opportunity at the right company. This relates to doing meaningful work, being valued as a person and having the opportunity for self-advancement, training, and mentoring. We offer a collaborative, socially responsible, and transparent environment.

What Differentiate Us?

A client-centric approach

Starts by working closely with you to understand your business and needs. We want to be aligned with your goals.

Tech savvy

Because of our technology DNA we only present the best talent, so you do not waste time (and money) with sub-par performers.

Dedication and work ethic

A relationship quality that is inherently individualized. Trust is contagious.

Local and global talent

Service delivery reaching both to North America and Europe with local and global talent recruitment capability and experience.

We care

We have a very close relationship with the professionals in our ranks. They are valued as individuals, and we encourage, promote and invest in their growth.

Relevant and Trusted

More About Us

Whether you are a client, employee or partner, we shall always conduct our relationships in keeping with the highest professional, moral, ethical and legal standards.

Aptonet has an absolute commitment to and respect for the dignity of all people.

A preferred supplier to

corporations and mid size companies across North America

Technology Association of Georgia member

based, serving clients in North America and Europe

Georgia Chamber member

Sandy Springs Chamber member