We are often asked– what are the hottest and latest skills in demand?


Plugged in to the latest trends

We have found that while skills in the tried-and-true technologies continue to be in demand, we are on the precipice of witnessing a merging of the physical and digital worlds, creating a new type of enterprise that can attain unprecedented levels of productivity.

The Internet of Things

A new industrial revolution is happening. Internet connected sensors embedded in products collect data about themselves and their surroundings, revolutionizing traditional methods of production and enabling existing supply chains to operate beyond at peak efficiency!

And the revolution extends to artificial intelligence, 3D printing, chemicals and clean energy, health diagnostics and disease eradication, pollution eradication processes, etc. Everything is connected to the Internet.

The Internet of Things is here, and we’re ready to help you take advantage of it!

Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics

Globally distributed cloud storage allows for larger volumes of data to be collected by the Internet of Things and other systems at a scale never before seen.

Petabytes of data can now be collected and stored with minimal effort. But extracting meaningful insights from such a massive data pool far exceeds the capabilities of traditional data analysts. So how do you turn large-scale data collection into actionable insights?

Big Data Analytics pushes and enables smarter business decisions. We can provide you with the personnel you need to take maximum advantage of the science of Big Data Analytics.

Advanced Robotics

As more and more means of production are mechanized and automated, robots work side by side with humans to perform complex tasks and free up workers for operational and strategic decisions. Growth areas include semiconductors, automotive and other components– as well as life sciences!

For example, surgeons can perform less invasive surgeries with a heavily mitigated risk of error, ensuring successful procedures and improving of patients’ recovery time.

Trends point to big data rollouts, cloud strategies and enhanced mobility programs. Tech workers are mandated to drive key business objectives, and security remains central to what they do.

Data Scientists, and Big Data engineers are thinkers and designers who can apply big data principles to company objectives, and architects who can build custom frameworks to make them happen.Corporations want to draw from previously untapped data sets across disaffiliated platforms.

Mobile Application developers and Application Architects are specialists, who can create custom mobile applications for employees to access in-house systems and platforms that were previously available through browsers and network-based machines.

Cloud analysts, and cloud architects are experts who can enhance deployments by effectively migrating additional resources and expanding capability. These experts are tasked with handling initiatives that require an agile and scalable system

Security Analysts and Security Administrators are protecting data, processes and systems. They can safeguard networks that handle large amounts of critical and confidential data. Security is now a business level issue.