We combine leading edge commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms so organizations can deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality.

Modern computer technology in business illustration with wireless device

Mobility Solutions

We assist enterprises in making innovative-driven decisions with a long-term vision to create a scalable mobile strategy that aligns to their business objectives. We have strong experience developing robust mobile solutions that demand for high availability, scalability, reliance and high availability either in connected or disconnected architectures.

We are highly specialized in developing middleware that can handle heavy duty processes in the field. We have experience across mobile application development for both native and web platforms. Aptonet has experience on all of the major mobile operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile), mobile web technologies (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript) and cross-platform development frameworks (Python, Ruby, PhoneGap, Sencha, Ionic).

Enterprise mobility planning and design

  • Business analysis and requirements management
  • Vertical mobility offering evaluation and design
  • Mobility application architectures
  • Mobility technology and device planning
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile Development: Build, Implement, Deploy
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • On-going solution maintenance and support, updates and improvements


Web Solutions

Aptonet is a one-stop provider of web-development services and has provided client services in all aspects of web development: Conceptualization, Design, Development and Deployment. Our offer is about quality web-development services ranging from websites, micro-sites, mobile sites and B2B/B2C portals.

We offer a range of cutting-edge web application development services to empower businesses and enhance operational efficiency. We offer solutions for a number of customers in diverse geographies across specialization areas such as GIS, Biometrics, RFID, Sensors. We have an edge when it comes to anticipating the unique factors influencing a typical implementation environment and landscape. We stand out in the domain of complex application and portal services, right from designing, developing and hosting

Our web development services and solutions include:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Intranets/Extranets/Enterprise Portals
  • Custom Web-Application Development
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) portals

We aim to deliver reliable and rich internet applications using the best of the technology available.

Technologies and frameworks

The technologies and frameworks we are proud to support include:

  • Web-related Microsoft, Java and Open Source technologies
  • Python, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5, PHP, Java, .NET
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure
  • Google APIs, Jquery, Node.js, Bootstrap
  • Joomla, Magento, WordPress
  • Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel