A new kind of highly productive, adaptive enterprise is being created as a result of the merging of the digital and physical worlds.


What is the “Internet of Things?”

Internet of Things (IoT) is about transforming bits of data collected at the edge of a pervasive distributed system into actionable information and knowledge for business decision makers and end users. These transformations are driving the biggest change in industry since the steam engine!

Aptonet can help!

Aptonet helps you to discover the competitive advantage that these new technologies can bring to your organization and puts you on the right track for a quick deployment on reliable solutions.

Our experienced consultants and engineers are available to work closely with you and understand your unique needs. Through the analysis of your business processes and business drivers, we will work together to leverage IoT solutions to amplify your business through: cost minimization, increased productivity, new business models and revenue streams.

Aptonet helps customers and partners to enter this new fascinating dimension in the easiest and fastest way with a suite of consulting and professional services. Engaging with our team of experts will enable you to move quickly with your projects and increase your ROI. Whether you are in the early stages of an IoT project, or in the latter stages of defining your offering. Aptonet’s experienced team of IoT specialists and partners will get you to market on time, on budget, and with a reliable solution.

Internet-of-Things services provided

  • Business Process Analysis and digitalization/servitization options: what data is needed and how it will be used
  • Specification and design of the proper IoT architecture with the proper data collection strategy
  • Selection and integration of connectivity technology (providers and technologies)
  • Design and development of the user interface, web, and mobile app for a unique user experience
  • Back-end infrastructure and platforms integration device provisioning, security, data management & storage, account management & billing, analytics
  • Ongoing solution maintenance and support


Internet-of-Things Integrations Supported

Technologies are just tools to achieve our objectives. The real challenge is how to manage and combine the best technologies to suit each project’s needs and attain the best results.

Aptonet’s talent pool is composed of experienced developers with a wide portfolio of technical skills. Our engineering teams design and develop robust solutions, applying interdisciplinary but complimentary technical knowledge in combined expertise areas.

As Aptonet is focused on goals and not merely in technology, our cumulative experience results from a long history of completing projects to clients’ satisfaction. Among others, the most relevant items can be summarized as:

  • Hardware and electronics– from electronic board design and small devices, like IoT devices, to server virtualization platforms, Aptonet has proven knowledge in implementing the full stack
  • Networking and network protocols– from simple UDP based protocols, specifically developed to fulfill low bandwidth requirements, until application layer, our team is able to understand and develop solutions requiring advanced security, QoS, digital authentication, encapsulation and protocol conversion, making easy to create endpoints, bridges and brokers to integrate heterogeneous systems.
  • Programming – Wide layer of programming languages and libraries, including Java, C#, Objective-C, C, Javascript, AngularJS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Erlang and Prolog
  • Device interfacing and integration– Wide range of languages and technologies, such as iOS, Android, Cordova, Java, C, jSSC, JAI, OpenCV, LeapMotion SDK, Arduino SDK, Raspberry Pi
  • Database Related– Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Cassandra, MongoDB, Entity Framework, Hibernate, Nhibernate
  • Platforms/Application servers– Different platforms to fit different needs, from IoT to enterprise services and environments, like Play! Framework, Spark Framework, WCF, ServiceStack, Jetty, GlassFish, JBoss, Microsoft Sharepoint and Biztalk
  • Mobility– iOS, Android, Windows Phone, supported in complimentary technologies as Cordova
  • BPM – Bizagi, Microsoft Sharepoint, proprietary solutions

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